Pini, S. (2019). DANCE CINEMA: Sarah Pini 'ABISSO'. Artist Interview: Artemis Projects.

In this episode of DANCE CINEMA we speak to dancer and filmmaker Sarah Pini. Sarah talks about her phenomenological approach and auto-ethnographic analysis of the experience of cancer. Her dance film ABISSO acts as a visual metaphor of Sarah’s inner landscape during her medical journey. In this podcast, Sarah talks about: The subject of ‘Healing’, the concept of ‘Other’: the merging of ‘two bodies’, the symbolic metaphors Sarah employed for ‘ABISSO’, the importance of ‘Location’, her current PhD research on the notion of: 'Presence in performance’. ABISSO will be screened on from 1 June to 1 July 2019. Recorded in Sydney, Australia on 23 May 2019. Interview by Melissa Ramos.