Making Space: Bodies, Space, and the Anthropocene


Neimanis, A., Conroy, B., Pini, S., McNeilly-Renaudie, J. & St Anne, M., (2019). Making Space I: Bodies, Space and the Anthropocene, Sound/Visual production (digital), Sydney Environment Institute.

The future of our planet is unlikely, unpredictable, innovative and deeply interwoven; an improvisation at a planetary scale. As our world continues to warm, we are learning to expect the unexpected, learning to flow, move, collaborate and make space. This event prefaced a week-long workshop which brought together choreographers and specialists from other disciplines, that asked artists and academics to respond to the idea of the Anthropocene. We pick up this conversation again, this time including the choreographers to reflect on the process of making work in artist-non-artist collaborations and ways of thinking-through-practice in the Anthropocene. Bodies, Space and the Anthropocene was built on the 2019 Sydney Festival event ‘Talking Dance: Hacking the Anthropocene’ by Critical Path and Strange Attractor.