Synthetic Organisms: Performing Promise and Doubt


Pini S. & George, J. (2019). Synthetic Organisms: Performing Promise and Doubt. Critical Dialogues, 11: HACKING THE ANTHROPOCENE, 48-59. ISSN: 2206–9615.

Following on from Critical Path’s Choreographic Hack Laboratory in January 2019 some of the participants share the entry points and ongoing questions and considerations in relation to the idea of the ‘Anthropocene’. Edited by Bek Conroy with contributions from Astrida Neimanis, Henrietta Baird, Ivey Wawn, Jodie McNeilly and Sarah Pini. The Choreographic Hack Lab project was developed in partnership with Strange Attractor, with input from The Anthropocene Transition Project (UTS) and support from Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. The public talk and lab sharing were presented as part of Sydney Festival 2019. This project was made possible with funding from City of Sydney, Australia Council for the Arts, Create NSW and support from Woollahra Council.